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Nowadays I keep thinking of words I came across many years ago in the Turin Book Fair – “Read and get over your cares” …

I must admit words are magical, because it is through them that we convey our thoughts. Through them we forgive, love, suffer, cherish, hope, dream and travel.


Words may be harsh or they may be soft, bitter, tender, superfluous, crucial, cause anguish, make little sense, but they can also be revealing and convey aspirations and memories.

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Management Report of 2010

Dear Members,

In accordance with the valid legislation, and in conformity with the Statutes of the Association Friends of Monserrate, we submit for your consideration the Management Report, the Balance and the 2009 End of Year Report.


- 2010 began with a small but cohesive management team and we tried, from the outset, to attract new members, seeking an increasing divulgation. There were 28 new members.

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Letter thanking the presence of the Friends of Monserrate

Dear Friends of Monserrate,


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