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Monserrate is and will continue to be a factory of dreams

It nourished disquieted, as well as romantic, spirits. It materialized ideals of beauty and perfect scenarios for the thoughts of those that designed this heritage jewel, which is no longer only ours, to fly.

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About "Histories of Monserrate"

Dear colleagues; dear friends of Monserrate; dear friends of the friends here present:


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Nowadays I keep thinking of words I came across many years ago in the Turin Book Fair – “Read and get over your cares” …

I must admit words are magical, because it is through them that we convey our thoughts. Through them we forgive, love, suffer, cherish, hope, dream and travel.


Words may be harsh or they may be soft, bitter, tender, superfluous, crucial, cause anguish, make little sense, but they can also be revealing and convey aspirations and memories.

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