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Campanha de compra de Camélias para Monserrate

After the first camellias arrived due to the generosity of our Members, we can once more announce the arrival of new and rare specimen. These will be arriving from China, Vietnam, Korea and Taiwan. The first of this second lot will be in Monserrate in October. 

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Letter thanking the presence of the Friends of Monserrate

Dear Friends of Monserrate,


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It was in the Summer of 1992, the year of the Friends of Monserrate official launch, that I first ventured into the Rose Valley. 

After many years of neglect, the valley had been cleared in 1987 by a a group of Canadian gardeners led by Gerald Luckhurst.  However, the work was not followed up and so by 1992 it was practically impossible to walk through it due to the acacias and brambles and also some rose bushes which somehow had survived in very adverse conditions.

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Monserrate Rose Garden

The restoration of the Rose Garden is the most important project currently being undertaken by the Friends of Monserrate.  It is situated in one of the three main valleys of the Garden, the other two being the Fern Valley and “Mexico”.

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